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The Fiscal Services Department primarily provides analysis and support to schools, departments, District administration and the School Board in financial matters. The responsibility of this department is to plan, organize and direct a major section of the District Financial accounting, budgeting, Payroll and Risk Management operations and activities for the purpose of maintaining fiscal solvency and to directly support the District’s educational mission and objectives.

Budgeting (310) 639-4321 Ext. 55013 (General Number)

The Budgeting Department is responsible for tracking all revenue and expenditures; preparing and monitoring short- and long-range financial reports, and student attendance, to ensure that the objectives of funding for educational programs are met in compliance with local, state and federal requirements and mandates in order to maintain fiscal solvency.

Accounting (310) 639-4321 Ext. 55013 (General Number)

The accounting department is responsible for ensuring issuance of payments to vendors for district’s financial commitments to meet the needs of the educational programs; monitoring and processing the revolving cash fund payments; tax compliance; and maintain record of Bank Statements including Associated Student Body.

Attendance and Monitoring (310) 639-4321 Ext. 56683

The Attendance and Monitoring office is responsible for the district’s Student Information System, monitoring and assisting in the supervision of attendance clerks at the school sites and preparation of period attendance reported to the state.

Anuoluwapo Roberts | MBA

Sr. Director of Fiscal Services Department
501 South Santa Fe Ave
Compton, CA 90221
Phone: 310 639-4321 Ext. 55037
Fax: 310 885-3525

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