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Do you know how much money a Cal Grant can provide to attend college? How much money the federal government provides? What your student's Cal Grant GPA is? Compton Unified has created a campaign this week to ensure that families are "Financially Fit" as part of its "It Pays to Get Good Grades" campaign.

Each day a different activity has been created to ensure financially fit parents and students. We ask that parents and studentss participate in this daily activity at home:

a)  Monday 2/4: Fafsa Overview Video & Cal Grant Video Overview

a) Lunes 2/4: Resumen de Fafsa Video y Resumen de Cal Grant Video

b)  Tuesday 2/5: What is your Cal Grant GPA?

b) Martes 2/5: ¿Cuál es su GPA de Cal Grant?

c)  Wednesday 2/6: Fill out your FAFSA 4Caster

c) Miércoles 2/6: Llene su FAFSA 4Caster

d)  Thursday 2/7: FAFSA Bingo

d) Jueves 2/7: FAFSA Bingo

e)  Friday 2/8: Apply for at least 1 Scholarship

e) Viernes 2/8: Solicite por lo menos 1 beca

It Pays To Get Good Grades
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