STEAMFest 2018

STEAMFest Artifacts


STEAMFest 2018 Program English & Spanish

The purpose of the STEAMFest program is to provide the STEAMFest participants and community members with a comprehensive overview of the STEAMFest event. The program highlights each school's STEAM initiatives and provides details descriptions of all the interactive activities conducted by schools and partners.  

Compton STEAMFest: 2018 Video  & 2017 Video

 These videos capture the highlights of the various activities and partnership during the 2018 and 2017 Compton Unified District STEAMFest.

STEAMFest 2018 Promotional Video 

This animated video served as a marketing tool at school sites to promote innovative entries for STEAMFest and participation in the event. 

STEAMFest Website

This website page is a tool to promote STEAMFest and registration portal for community to attend this event. 

Partner Website

This online portal that provides partners with all the up to date information regarding STEAMFest participation. This included joining the emergency text messaging system for STEAMFest as well as timelines and logistical information.