Strategic Plan

Plan ImageIntroduction Compton Unified is an urban school district in Los Angeles that serves high-poverty students of color including a large African-American population. Like many urban districts, Compton faces challenges in closing the achievement gap. Increasing test scores, boosting college attendance rates, preparing students for careers, and decreasing dropout rates are our primary goals. As we balance our need to meet state and federal standards, the district is focused on increasing student engagement in classrooms, monitoring student progress and providing interventions, and using data to drive instruction while providing authentic learning opportunities.

Compton Unified recognizes globalization’s effects on the demands on the education system. Unlike the industrial model of education of the past century, today all students must be able to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and analyze information and sources. Goal 1 in Compton’s Strategic Plan All students will meet or exceed state academic standards that will prepare them to compete in the global society reflects the district’s commitment to preparing students to meet new 21st century challenges and increasing overall student achievement. Recognizing this shifting landscape of education, the district is working toward transforming the way students are taught and how they learn. This is being achieved by integrating teacher pedagogy and practice with state-of-the-art technology and emphasizing student-centered classrooms, where students are highly engaged in project based learning to solve real world and complex problems. Additionally, through the use of short cycle formative assessments, computer-adaptive programs collect data on student performance so that teachers can individualize and differentiate for students through small group instruction. Compton Unified is committed to ensuring that all students are college and career-ready to thrive in this new global marketplace.

Strategic Plan
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