Developing A Site Technology Plan

Course Description
The best way to integrate technology effectively into your classroom is to plan for it. Many educators have had the unfortunate experience of investing in technology only to discover later on that it is either incompatible with equipment the school already owns, that teachers are not trained to use it, or that maintenance costs were higher than expected.Remember, integrating technology into your classroom does not end with purchasing the hardware and software! A written Technology Plan will help you articulate your needs and goals, and help you communicate -- and sell -- them to your community.

This is a 2-hour management-level workshop for Principals designed to meet the unique technology needs of your schools. The aim of the workshop is for participants to understand the need to have an effective Technology Plan in place for the successful integration of technology in the teaching and learning process. The workshop gives the tools and resources needed to develop a Technology Plan for the school, including templates for creating your own plan.

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CUSD Resources
Device Comparison Guide

Edtech Strategic Plan

Complete matrix of ELA standards, and pulled out the ones dealing specifically with technology.
○    CACCSS ELA  and Writing 6-12
○    CACCSS ELA WritingK-5
○    CACCSS ELA Literacy6-12

Additional Resources

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