#Booksnaps for Closed Reading

#Booksnaps are a fun way for students to increase critical thinking and make their learning visible by creating meaningful reflections of their reading. The power of a book snap is in the reflections students have of the text and each of you took away some key concepts and ideas from the reading.  This fascinating strategy engages both hemispheres of the brain and increases learning retention.

  • Annotate and share excerpts of the book you’re reading
  • Allows the reader to connect ideas or thought by creating a digital visual representation to solidify the text content within the mind and signals the brain to retrieve the idea from memory.
  • Diagram the rise, fall, and climax of the plot
  • Highlight figurative language and imagery
  • Notate character conflict and internal struggles
  • Point out the main idea or a supporting argument
  • It has its own hashtag #BookSnaps on Twitter!
  • It’s EASY! Just read, snap, reflect, add stickers, share, and repeat.

Ideas via @TaraMartinEDU



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