Nearpod ISTE 2019

Nearpod ISTE 2019


Course Description

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Nearpod is a unique mobile platform for delivering interactive content and assessment activities to students. Using Nearpod, teachers can create interactive multimedia presentations including slides, video, audio and live web pages. Students can work independently or in collaborative groups to explore essential questions embedded within the presentations. The ability to add engaging interactive features like polls, drawings, quizzes and free text activities not only increases engagement but also provides teachers with valuable feedback on student learning.

ISTE Nearpod Prescriptive Exercise (STEPS)

ISTE Roller Coaster (SLIDE DECK)

Slides for Vocabulary (VOCAB DECK)

Presentation Link

Wonders and Nearpod Alignment 


Workshop Learning Objectives 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Find and use existing Nearpod presentations in the online library
  • Import existing Google Slides/Powerpoint presentations and Nearpod-ize them
  • Add a variety of content and assessment activities to Nearpod presentations 
  • Monitor individual and aggregate assessment data of student learning using Nearpod reporting features


  1. Activity #1- Explore Nearpod as a Student 
  2. Activity #2 - Analyze Activity/Assessment Results
  3. Activity #3 -  Log into Nearpod   
  4. Activity #4 - Explore the Library and Download a Nearpod Presentation 
  5. Activity #5 - Create a Nearpod Presentation
  6. Nearpod checklist
  7. ​Evaluation

Apptivity Instructions - Using Nearpod to Increase Student Engagement and Assess Learning

Activity #1 Explore Nearpod as a Student  

  1. Go to
  2. Enter class code

Activity #2 : Analyze Activity/Assessment Results

  1. Access and view reports
  2. Download reports as PDF or CSV file

Activity #3: Open a Nearpod Account

  1. Log in to Nearpod using your account
  2. Edit your profile and account settings
  3. Access Nearpod help guides and forum

Activity #4:  Explore and Download a Nearpod Presentation

  1. Use the Explore function
  2. Adjust filters to find Nearpod content
  3. Download a Nearpod presentation
  4. Start a Live Session

Activity #5: Create a Nearpod PowerPoint  Google Slides              

  1. Import a Powerpoint presentation into Nearpod
  2. Import image files  into Nearpod
  3. Add text, image, or audio to a slide
  4. ​Add a video, slideshow, audio, PDF or Twitter live stream to a slide
  5. Add web content to a slide
  6. Add polls, quizzes, open-ended questions, and draw-its
  7. Publish a Nearpod presentation
  8. Unpublish a Nearpod presentation