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Training Resources:

A 1-hour certification course taught by Matt Miller.


What you'll learn:

Unit 1: The Basics. 7 videos, 20 minutes.
Get familiar with Screencastify's main features - recording, editing and sharing videos.
Unit 2: Tips and Tricks. 5 videos, 9 minutes.
We'll highlight some lesser known features and teach you how to create great screencasts right from the get-go.
Unit 3: Flip Your Classroom. 4 videos, 8 minutes.
An overview of the most common ways teachers use Screencastify in their flipped and blended classrooms.
Unit 4: Student Assessments. 5 videos, 10 minutes.
Learn how students can use Screencastify to make their thinking visible and demonstrate learning.
Unit 5: App Smashing! 4 videos, 8 minutes.
A few examples of how to use Screencastify to enhance some of our other favorite classroom tools.

What you'll get:

scroll emoji
Certificate of completion.
Earn a PDF certificate that we'll send to both you and your administrator.
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Perpetual access to course videos.
Even after you finish the course, its videos and resources will remain available to you.
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An exclusive badge.
Display it on your social media profiles, blog, and email signature!