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What Parents/Guardians Should Know

Participation is Free - Parents/students will not be charged a fee to participate and there will not be any in-game purchases required.

Place, Dates and Times of Tournaments - Tournament play will take place at Caldwell Elementary School in the Multipurpose Room from 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Transportation will be Provided - Transportation will be provided for team members afterschool from their campus to Caldwell for their matches and students will be dropped off at their campus by 6:00 p.m. Teams will have a scheduled tournament match once per week. One day per week will be designed for practice on a sign-up basis. Transportation will not be provided on practice day.

Parenting and Gaming Groups Rate Overwatch as Teen Appropriate - The Games Rating authority rates Overwatch as suitable for ages 12+ Common Sense Media Rates it as suitable for ages 13+.

Kindness and Respect is Expected of all Players, Staff and Coaches - All players will be taught online etiquette and the importance of treating other players with kindness and respect. Players will be expected to follow CUSD's anti-bullying standards

Homework and Class Work is Still a Priority - Participation in the tournament and game play SHOULD NOT take the place of homework or class work. Students will be expected to maintain their class work while participating in the tournament.

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