Rapid Antigen Testing

Beginning March 8th students and staff participating in on-campus classes at Clinton Elementary will be able to receive rapid COVID tests. Students and staff will be tested up to two times a week. More school sites will begin offering the test to students and staff in the coming weeks, while COVID testing supplies last. The tests are a part of an innovative partners with Safely Opening Schools (SOS) initiative, St. John's Well Child and Family Center, the California Department of Public Health and the Public Health Institute.

Why are students and staff being tested?
Students and staff are being tested as a part of safety measures to protect the campus and neighboring school community from the spread of COVID 19.

Where did the tests come from?
The tests are being provided as a part of a partnership with Safely Opening Schools (SOS) initiative, St. John’s, the California Department of Public Health and the Public Health Institute.

What is the test like?
While a trained staff member is present, a staff member or students will be given a swap to place in their nostril, twirl for 10 - 20 seconds, and give back to the staff member. The sample will then be tested (it takes about 15 minutes).

What happens if a student or staff member tests positive?
If there is a positive result, you will be notified. The school will move the staff member or student to a supervised location away from other staff and students they are picked up/go home. The school will help coordinate a follow up test to confirm the results. The school and the department of public health will be notified and proper contact tracing and self-quarantine processes followed.

How can I prepare/how can I prepare my child to take the test?
Review the following video (parents review with their child) https://photos.app.goo.gl/SdgyFC1ufskSsVMc8 Carefully practice at home with a cotton swab (parents, let your child practice on their own). Parents, let your child know It is okay to ask for help.

What if I have questions?
Ask your school site principal or visit our website for more information: compton.k12.ca.us/antigen

For more information, download the attached FAQs from the California Department of Public Health.