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What the difference between a by-district election system and an at-large election system?

In a by-district or trustee-area election system, the District will be divided into separate geographic areas and, for each area, one board member will be elected by only the registered voters residing in that particular area. Under by-district elections, the election system could potentially concentrate groups of like-minded voters into districts.

To be eligible for election in a by-district election system, candidates would need to reside in the area in which they are running for election.

In contrast, under an at-large election system, members of the public elect each board member.

Why is the Compton Unified School District moving to by-district areas?

There is a trend towards by-district area voting in California. Although views on the subject vary, proponents believe communities of interest can be better served in this manner. Transition to by-district area voting can also avoid protracted and costly litigation.

Do other school districts use board-district elections?

Many other schools districts, as well as cities and other local agencies, throughout the state have transitioned to board-district or trustee-area election systems, whether voluntarily or by court order. This process is not unique to CUSD.

What is the process of transitioning to a by-district election?

Two public hearings were held – one on the evening of September 30 and one on the morning of October 4 – for the purpose of receiving public input on the creation of the trustee areas to be formed. CUSD followed an agreed-upon Elections Code process in holding these two hearings before preparing any draft maps.

After the two initial hearings, a demographer prepared one or more maps, containing proposed trustee areas and the sequencing of the elections for each trustee area. These maps have been posted, including online. A third public hearing – this time to consider the proposed maps – was held on October 18, 2019. At least one more public hearing (set for November 2, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.) will be held, and members of the public will be able to comment and provide feedback on the maps at that time as well.

Will the maps be made available to the public before the vote?

Yes, the initial proposed maps are available to the public and posted online for review. Additional maps (if any) may also be posted.

How do we know about public hearings?

Public hearing dates are be posted on the CUSD website and on CUSD social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Public hearing dates will also be posted by local media in papers and online.

Can members of the community submit their own alternative map suggestions?

Yes, we have included on the District web site a tool that may be used by members of the community to prepare and submit their own map alternatives. Here is a link to the page:

When will these maps go into effect?

These maps will be used in the next CUSD Board election in March 2020.

How will the final map be chosen?

The District will review all draft maps, including those prepared by a professional demographer and maps prepared by members of the public, and based on the factors discussed above, will select a final map.

After the final map is implemented, will it ever be revised?

After the District implements by-district elections, the trustee area map must be periodically revised, at least following each census, in order to ensure each trustee area is near in population size to each other. The next census is in 2020.

Is there an election in November 2019?

No, the election that was set for November 2019 has been moved to March 2020 to allow for board-districts to be established.

Will the transition to by-district elections affect which schools students may attend or where my student attends school?

No, the transition to by-district elections will not affect attendance zones.

Establishment of Board-Districts (Trustee Areas) Pursuant to the CVRA
La creación de zonas de la Mesa Directiva (áreas fiduciaries) de acuerdo a la Ley de Derecho al Voto de California (CVRA)
Draft Trustee Area Maps