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***New Location: Our New Address is @: 2300 W. Caldwell St., Compton, CA 90220***
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Welcome to Pupil Services! Our Mission is to ensure the enrollment, attendance, engagement and wellness of every student without any impediment.

Compton USD Pupil Services department is committed to providing our students with quality educational opportunities and experiences in order for them to be successful both academically and personally. We strongly uphold the belief that all students can achieve when provided the right support, guidance and tool that is essential to their success. We believe in addressing the need of the whole child.

The Pupil Services department utilizes highly trained professionals to meet the needs of students and their parents. Our highly skilled teachers, social workers, caseworkers, therapists and nurses in collaboration with partner agencies provide services to ensure support for our students and families.

Our programs and services comprise of preventative practices, education and intervention. We utilize strategies, techniques, and programs to maximize student progress toward the achievement of academic goals, as well as acquire skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Our clinical staff provides counseling, therapy, support services for students and families experiencing learning difficulties, emotional challenges, family crisis, health concerns, and drug, and alcohol related problems. Most importantly, our pupil services staff along with teachers and parents are vested in students’ academic and personal success.

I encourage and invite you to take advantage of the many outstanding educational resources and support services available to you and your child in order for him/her to be successful. Our programs and services include:

  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Language Assessment
  • Permits; Inter and Intra district Transfers
  • Homeless Education and Foster Youth
  • Hospital and Homebound Education
  • Family Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Attendance Monitoring, School Attendance and Review Board Meetings (SARB)
  • Child Welfare and Wellness Services
  • Health Services
  • Discipline/Diversion/Restorative Justice/Expulsion
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Home Visits/Conferences
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • Parent and Student Education
  • Athletics
Timeline of the District’s Activities Related to Students Enrollment

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Dr. Abimbola Ajala
Executive Director
[email protected]
310 639-4321 Ext. 63044
Pupil Services Department Location

2300 West Caldwell St., Compton, CA 90220
Phone: 310 639-4321 Ext. 63062
Fax: 310 763-5971

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